As you already know, Punto Blanco loves to travel, and the incredible landscapes of the world’s most emblematic cities have inspired us to embark on a brand new adventure this spring. Join us this season as we explore the latest in the series of amazing cities to have captured our imagination: Miami and New Orleans, which now form part of our adventurous ‘Cities of The World’ collection.

Whether you're already a devoted fan who has collected all the models available in our Cities range, or you have only just discovered our well-travelled underwear collection, this spring we are thrilled to be able to introduce you to the very special destinations of Miami and New Orleans. So…all aboard! We invite you to keep travelling with us and discover our new designs and materials inspired by the best cities in the world.

miami cities

Do you enjoy kicking back in the summer sun and relaxing on idyllic beaches? Then Miami is the city for you! An oasis of sand, sea and surfers, this coastal city that sits on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is sure to impress.

Made with stretch cotton for a durable, elastic fabric, these boxer shorts provide youthful style with their star print in shades of blue, signature Miami palm trees and their vigoré finish gives a washed denim effect. We love the use of shiny elastic in the waistband as a nod to the sun reflecting on the water!

new orleans cities

Staying in the South-eastern United States, we go on to touch down in New Orleans, on the Mississippi River delta. The French influence in this city is reflected in the architecture of the buildings in its oldest district, the legendary French Quarter, and in its deeply rooted musical tradition: the jazz and blues melodies that can be heard floating through the streets at sunset.

The city of Louis Armstrong provided the inspiration for Punto Blanco to create this bold new design in which it plays with neon colours to represent the lights of the city clubs at night. A vibrant pattern produced through digital printing to maximise the sharpness of the images on the microfibre boxer shorts.

Continue the journey with Punto Blanco this spring-summer season to discover the latest additions to our collectible, limited-edition ‘Cities’ series.