These days, just by altering one item of your outfit you can give a fresh twist to your entire look. Not many people realise the importance of socks when it comes to putting your look together. Today we’re going to learn that they are a key element in creating your own individual style.

Detailed below are four completely different styles in which socks are the key factor.

The urban look

urban look

The key to this look lies in the contrast between a classic blazer and a more everyday pair of jeans. To complement the two items we propose these burgundy-coloured Lisle yarn socks, which provide an interesting contrast as well as adding a touch of elegance to the whole. Finish off the look with light or dark brown shoes.

The casual look

casual look

The key to this casual look is combining very simple garments; in other words, basic trousers in any colour with a leather or jeans jacket and Oxford-type shoes, setting the whole look off with green socks from our Bamboo line, which bring a fun, informal touch.

The sporty look

sport look

This style embraces a whole range of garments these days and it’s a really popular fashion trend right now. In this case we’re going to combine a bomber jacket with chinos to give a sporty yet classy look, with the finishing touch of white trainers and invisible socks.

The elegant look

elegant look

The final style we want to talk about today is the elegant look. As the word indicates, this is a more groomed style. So taking a smart suit, elegant shoes and similarly toned socks you can create the perfect combination of style and class.