At Punto Blanco we love summer, sunshine, warm weather and those endless relaxing days at the seaside. After a long winter and a cool and rainy spring, we are desperate for the summer warmth to come and stay so we can hit the terraces, stretch out on the sand and enjoy taking a dip at the wonderful beaches and bays all over the country.

This year, summer is filling us with excitement and we can’t wait to show off the new summer outfits that are waiting expectantly in our wardrobes. If your swimwear compartment is still looking somewhat bare in anticipation of the long-awaited summer, allow us to present you with our new swimwear line, which features fresh and modern designs on technical fabrics which remove moisture, making your leisure time even more enjoyable :)

With short or long, fitted or elastic designs where geometrical patterns and figurative tropical motifs take central stage, the Aquawear line from Punto Blanco will provide a perfect complement to any outfit this summer 2019 season.

Choose your favourite might be difficult because you’re sure to love all of them!


bañador palmeras

Upwind is Punto Blanco’s new line of swimming shorts made from ultra fast-drying fabric. Lighter, airier and more comfortable, with modern, contemporary designs, these shorts are your perfect option for a long day at the beach, making the most of the sand and the terraces.

This line has a wide variety of designs which are perfect for all tastes, whether bold or conservative: from a more subdued style with subtle foulard-style patterns and polka dots and stripes, to a more daring and figurative approach, where cacti and brightly-coloured tropical designs catch the eye. 

And on top of this, each model is equipped with comfortable side pockets and an additional back pocket, with a mesh fabric design which will prevent your pockets from filling up with water when you step out of the sea. The technical fabric also allows the swimming shorts to return to their original shape quickly, without sticking to the body when wet. Now you have everything you need to enjoy the beach and forget about the rest! J



bañador tropical

Tropical and nautical designs are the main players in this more vintage line, where the stripped-back look takes on a bolder role. With geometric and kaleidoscopic patterns and tropical plant motifs, this line offers versatile designs which work equally well for a day on the beach or a cycle along the seafront. 

All of the models have side pockets and an additional back pocket with a Velcro closing, as well as an adjustable waistband based on a covered elastic drawstring with a metal cord end and an internal lining, all lending these shorts natural appeal.

Whatever your style, you’ll find everything you need at Punto Blanco. Step into your nearest store and prepare to fall in love!