Little by little, what seemed to be a fashion accessory that had completely vanished from the scene is now starting to make a major comeback. So much so, that this throwback to the ‘90s is today one of the trends that is having the greatest impact in the world of fashion.  Yes, fishnets are back!

We have seen them in outfits worn by famous creators of style such as Chiara Ferragani, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung, along with many other bloggers and influencers.

Fishnets can be combined in a thousand different ways, but care should be taken when mixing styles so as not to overload the look and to make sure you give this new accessory the starring role it deserves.

If its trousers you are wanting to wear, you could maybe choose mom jeans and combine them with a basic T-shirt with some sort of print to allow a glimpse of your fishnets around the ankle area. This could be a subtle way of wearing them. Or you could put them on under some ripped jeans so they are visible through the holes. Great for adding a little edge.

But if you prefer to play it safe, you could always wear them under a patent leather skirt topped with a wide jumper, basic T-shirt or even shirt, and either ankle boots or trainers, depending on whether or not you are going for a smarter look.

So to be leader of the pack, make a note of this new trend because as of now you will be seeing it everywhere and all the time. Success is in the tiny details. ;)