Sultry summer days are here again, along with long, warm nights of al fresco socializing. And who doesn’t love meeting up with friends and family during the summer months? Spending time with your loved ones is important, but it’s equally, or perhaps more important to look after yourself inside and outside to make sure you’re 100% healthy.

Your health is important to us at Punto Blanco, so we’d like to give you some tips that we’re sure will come in very handy during the coming heatwave.

The first piece of advice is hardly rocket science. All experts recommend drinking plenty of water during the hottest time of the year as it’s the best way to keep hydrated and avoid heat stroke. Given the fact that high temperatures can be very dangerous, especially for children and the elderly, we recommend that if you leave the house during the day you take a bottle of water with you at all times.

It’s important not to spend too many hours in the sun, especially during the hottest hours in the middle of the day. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause serious damage to your skin, not to mention leaving you feeling lousy.

We also want to emphasize how important it is to use sunscreen, as both UVA and UVB rays can change the structure of your skin and cause sun spots, burns, wrinkles, moles and even skin cancer.

This doesn’t mean that it’s bad to sunbathe, but the really important thing is to protect the skin that’s exposed to the sun. The sun is crucial for our health because it helps us to form vitamin D, but sunbathing in excess or without proper protection is dangerous.

Making sure you follow a diet that replaces lost mineral salts and water is also very important. Your summer menu should include lighter foods such as fruit and vegetables as well as fish, pasta and pulses. The aim is to supply the body with nutrients that it can digest easily. For example, as well as being a light option, a salad can also be a nutritionally complete dish if you add chicken, cheese, or tuna. Heavy meals, especially if they are served with any kind of alcoholic beverage, increase the risk of suffering from problems caused by high temperatures: stomach cramps, dehydration, etc.

And finally, it’s very important to protect your eyes from the sun with the right sunglasses, but even when you’re wearing them you should never look directly at the sun.