We have now reached the middle of summer, and those of us who still haven’t done so can’t wait to disconnect and enjoy some fantastic holidays. And so, whether you’re a lover of the beach, the mountains or handsome, bustling cities, we have a plan for you and for your Punto Blancos.

If you’re a beach person, we suggest you spend a few days on the Mediterranean island of Formentera, with its idyllic coves, delightful restaurants and perfect landscapes. Some of the most recommended coves are: Calo des Mort, for its crystalline waters; Es Racó de S’Alga, for being an unspoilt beach within a protected natural park; and Ses Illetes, considered one of the best beaches in Spain for its water and white sands.

After spending a pleasant day in the Formentera waters, you will no doubt be wanting a cool drink and to watch a spectacular sunset, so head to Beso Beach, enjoy a little something with your invisible Punto Blancos, and set the summer trend.

The Cares Trail is a good choice for more adventurous types.

Pull on your Punto Blanco sports socks and prepare yourself for one of the most impressive and spectacular walking trails in Europe, suitable for everyone. The trail passes through the Cares River gorge and runs along 12 kilometres of stunning landscape between Caín (province of León) and Poncebos (Asturias). This 8-hour round trip is a veritable joy to the senses.

For those who can’t decide whether they prefer the beach or mountains, and who are lovers of cities and everything to be seen in them, Salamanca is a city that is full of charm.

And so, with a pair of 100% cotton Punto Blancos, set off on our route through the Main Square to the Clerecía building and church, the Casa de las Conchas (historical building covered with shells), the University and the Cielo de Salamanca, a beautiful ceiling fresco. And to finish off, you have to see the Iglesia de San Esteban, an incredible Dominican monastery completed in 1610.

Once you have visited the loveliest and most iconic spots, it’s time to recharge before continuing. And how better than with typical, local products? Guijuelo ham, Morucha beef, and then more complex dishes such as chanfaina (rice), patatas meneás (potatoes) and the calderillo (meat stew). And to drink? A fine Arribes wine.

So there you have it: three very different suggestions to choose from – staying at home is NOT an option!