This spring/summer season marks the arrival of a very special collection characterised by splashes of vibrant colour and pastel tones. The ‘Fresh’ collection is made up of three different categories and features a comprehensive range of styles for men: bold and original, classic and fun or stylish and modern. 

The Animal World range aims to transport us to those wonderful long summer days when everything feels good and we let our hair down with a more relaxed look. 

Crabs, flamingos and parrots run riot across a backdrop of neon blue, purple, yellow or red in this bold range of socks.

The Diamond sock range has bags of personality. Diamond-patterned socks that, as in the Animal World range, feature a palette of vivid colours to add a touch of fun and originality to your outfit. 

A new twist on our classic diamond-patterned sock that, with an updated design and on-trend colours, delivers a look that is both casual and daring. 

Finally, the Fresh collection stands as Punto Blanco’s most stylish and modern range for SS18. This range will add a more formal touch to your outfits while also providing a modern edge to break the mould and move away from your typical plain black or navy staples. 

A very special range carefully designed to create a winning look that oozes style, in spots or stripes of equal or different widths, in shades of blue, claret and khaki.

As always, Punto Blanco has poured its heart and soul into this new collection to satisfy all our customers, providing a modern, up-to-the-minute feel for the spring/summer season. So, what are you waiting for? Come and give them a go!