The fact that showing your socks is on-trend at the moment is now pretty clear to us all, but the virtues of this item of clothing are not just limited to aesthetics: it seems that wearing them, even when we go to bed, can improve our physical—and sexual—health!

It has been demonstrated that having your feet covered helps you fall asleep. Sleeping with socks on allows your body to maintain a correct temperature throughout the night, a key factor to ensuring a good rest and to waking up fully recharged in the morning.

According to a trial published in Nature magazine, when our feet are warm our veins dilate and the heat spreads through our entire body. ‘This is when the body realises that the time has come to rest. By contrast, if your body is cold, it will have to work harder to regulate its temperature. This will keep you alert, tense and it will take you longer to fall asleep’.

Sleeping in socks is therefore recommended if you have a tendency to have cold feet and you want to sleep quickly and effectively. And if you want to know what type of bed socks to wear, experts recommend that they should not be too tight or thick, and best if they are of natural fibre. Choosing a cotton yarn would be the top option.

But let’s not delay any longer—let’s get down to what we are all waiting to hear…  According to a study carried out by the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), having sex with your socks on increases the possibility of achieving an orgasm by 30%. The key? Heat. Gert Holstege, author of the study and a neuroscientist, wanted to determine which parts of our body are stimulated when we reach a climax. He found that of the couples who participated in the study, having their feet covered at the critical moment allowed 80% rather than 50% to reach a climax.

And there’s more. According to Cristina Callao, a psychologist specialising in clinical sexology and sexual health, “When the temperature of our feet is sufficiently warm and comfortable, our bodies maintain their self-regulation and because of this the blood irrigates the clitoris and male genitals directly”.

Wearing socks doesn’t seem quite so unattractive now, does it? ;)