Spring has sprung and with it the good weather and those days on the beach and by the pool we’ve all been looking forward to… But is your body really ready for the change in temperature and habits?

Shakes are a natural source of energy as well as filling you up and helping to avoid snacking between meals. In addition, every smoothie boasts some specific nutritional properties that help improve your health both inside and out.

So… what could be better than a delicious smoothie to bring you energy, vitality and many more health benefits now the good weather is here?

Keep reading, because we’re going to give you a few smoothie recipes that will tantalise your taste buds as well as improving your health and fitness.

One of the most highly recommended smoothies for helping to prevent premature ageing combines fruit and vegetables.

This is the red berry milkshake, which contains:

-       One banana

-       Half a cup of blueberries

-       Half a cup of raspberries

-       One tablespoon of açaí berries – a berry from Brazil with numerous properties, including the prevention of premature ageing and helping with weight loss

-       A handful of spinach leaves

-       Two cups of milk – preferably plant-based (e.g. oat, soy, rice, etc.)

-       One tablespoon of hemp seeds – their benefits include the prevention of cardiovascular disorders and strengthening of the immune system

A super smoothie that will help with any detox plan contains the following:

-       Half a cup of redcurrants

-       One celery stalk

-       One cucumber

-       One green apple

-       A handful of spinach

This smoothie will give your body a thorough cleanse and get it primed for the good weather.

And finally, a milkshake for lovers of the colour pink:

-       Two cups of plant-based milk

-       Ten strawberries

-       A teaspoon of cashew butter, which helps to reduce cholesterol

-       One banana

-       A few drops of vanilla essence

This mixture helps to improve your skin, hair and nails as well as containing a significant amount of calcium and helping to reduce cholesterol.