And it’s starting to show... The days are longer, the sun is warmer, the trees are starting to blossom and everything is starting to smell of SPRING! Even our mood seems to be emerging from its long winter lethargy, swept up by the colour and joy sunlight brings. It feels like our emotions are overlapping one another after having been dormant during the long months of cold weather, like an undercurrent of sentiments that we don’t know how to express. It’s a time of creation, of development, of transformation in which life is brimming over with ebullient energy. 

We’re feeling the impact of this changing energy too, and we’re anticipating the spring by celebrating the change of season that’s about to arrive with our collection of sporty, denim-influenced men’s underwear: Exchange. An allegory of the transition to colour.

In stretch cotton and powdery colours, Exchange features a comfort-driven range of boxer shorts and slips to suit every taste. These semi-basic models have vividly contrasting stitching and a mottled grey elasticated waist featuring the brand’s logo in printed silicone relief, details that give this underwear a more eclectic, sporty and denim-driven look.

You’ll find the entire Exchange range of boxer shorts and slips in a variety of colours including steel blue, petrol green, burgundy and charcoal. They all come in washed, faded or powdery shades that perfectly transmit the transition from the chill of winter to the warmth of early spring, the serenity and calm that precedes the outburst of colour and emotions so typical of this time of year.

The choice of blues and greys in the design of these pieces is no coincidence. These are colours associated with peace, tranquillity, trust, dependability, understanding and protection. They are synonymous with stability, control and depth, ideal for stimulating the creativity that bursts forth when spring invades our spirits – and our wardrobes! – with bright, vivid colours such as orange and yellow, which we forecast will dominate the fashion world for the next few seasons.

If you too sense the arrival of the most buoyant and energy-filled season of the year and you want to start the new season full of good vibes, Exchange is your best bet for making a cool, calm transition to the power of colour.