Colour has an influence on our well-being as a force that transmits the appropriate energy in line with a specific moment. Everyone is aware of the power colour has to enhance a person’s mood and of its psychological and therapeutic effects.

Chromotherapy, better known as colour therapy, is a form of alternative therapy maintaining that lights, or environments dominated by a certain colour, are useful for the treatment of mood-related issues, helping to improve people’s mental and physical health. Colour therapy is based on the principle that colours influence our emotions, restore imbalances and have the potential to heal certain ailments. They are able to modify the body’s vibrations and, thus, improve its well-being.

Each of the seven colours of the spectrum corresponds to one of the seven chakras that, according to Hinduism, are located in different parts of the human body and exert different effects:

White represents harmony and balance; magenta, health and blood circulation; orange is the colour of creativity; yellow the colour of intellect and perception; green corresponds to emotional balance; blue has a soothing effect and is the colour of communication; and violet deals with spiritual awareness, ego and the sense of self.

And, of course, colour is everything as far as clothing is concerned. We all have numerous experiences of the way we frequently, almost without thinking, wear colours that reflect our mood or our circumstances. When we feel happy, we often select colours such as yellow, red or orange, and when we feel sad or lacking in energy, we choose darker shades like grey, brown or black. The key is to know how to use colour in our clothing to find balance and harmonise the elements around us.

Punto Blanco, aware of the impact of colour in our lives, has created a new collection for this SS19 season, Chroma, which celebrates colour as the star of the show. Blue, orange, green and black are the central hues which inspired this collection of organic stretch cotton boxers and briefs that, in addition to providing the energising effects of colour against your skin, have the added benefit of being eco-friendly, so you are also contributing to the conservation of the environment.

BLUE - Calming + BLACK - Mystery/Strength

chroma blue

ORANGE - Energising + BLACK - Mystery/Strength

chroma orange

GREEN - Balance + BLACK - Mystery/Strength

chroma green

Come and discover the power of colour with Punto BlancoJ