The importance of nightwear

Though it seems to come later every year, the cold is finally poking its icy nose around our doors. You feel it when you step out on the street, but all the more so when you?re lying awake at night with that shivery feeling in bed. So, now is the time to revisit your wardrobe, take a look at your latest nightwear purchases and decide whether they are enough to guarantee you a comfortable slumber without losing style points.

Everybody has their own sleeping preferences. Some of us like to sleep bare-legged in an old T-shirt or sweatshirt, while others struggle to drop off without donning our classic flannelette pyjamas. Then there are those who sleep like babies, in their birthday suits.

But one thing is certain: on winter nights, what we?re really looking for is warmth and comfort when we settle in for a restorative slumber. Having a good pillow or mattress is important, but so is having the right pair of pyjamas. 

At Punto Blanco, underwear and nightwear are our strong points. When you visit us in store or online, you?ll discover a wide variety of products, and along with the season?s most fashionable underwear and socks, we also bring you the very best clothing for wearing around the house. Being comfy at home is so important, so make sure to choose the pyjamas that work for you. Discover the softness of our pyjamas and their comfort and quality: all so essential for sleeping or enjoying time spent at home.


Men?s pyjamas:


Cloth pyjamas: This is the classic button-down pyjama model. Full-length pyjama trousers and a long-sleeved button-down shirt with pockets provide that all-important ease of movement in your hours of repose.

Cotton pyjamas: This set includes a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. You can enjoy wearing a classic cotton pyjama set in multiple design and colour combinations, and get that fashionable feeling both in and out of bed.

Bamboo: Punto Blanco is committed the environment, and we?ve created environmentally friendly options for every product line. In nightwear, we offer a full-length pyjama set in cotton and bamboo fabric. This natural and breathable material is soft to the touch, providing you with all the relaxation you need for a good night?s sleep.


And for those who really feel the cold?


Cotton flannelette pyjamas: You?ll find these in different styles and designs, but they all share that snug feeling of comfort that flannelette provides. The perfect option for those who suffer in the cold.

Velvet pyjamas: Enjoy the soft feeling of velvet against your skin in a two-piece set including a long-sleeved top and plain trousers ? all in one! They provide softness plus a warm sense of comfort.


Women?s pyjamas


Full-length cotton pyjama set: A favourite for winter evenings, available in a number of designs which feature a full shirt and full-length trousers with an adjustable waistband and pockets.

Cotton nightdress: Made from 100% cotton with a pattern on a pink background, this nightdress is ideal for those who like complete freedom of movement in bed, combining this with the softness and warmth of cotton.


And for those who really feel the cold?


Flannelette pyjamas: Most women feel the cold at one point or another. We offer these ladies a choice between a floral or a jeans-inspired design, so they can remain on-trend while luxuriating in the warmth and comfort of flannelette. 

Velvet pyjamas: If what you really love is the soft feeling of velvet against your skin, then velvet pyjamas are your perfect solution. This set consists of a long-sleeved, round-necked off-white top which is threaded with delicate silver stripes, together with full-length marl grey trousers for that inimitable jeans style!

Polar pyjama set: Perfect for the coldest nights of the year, this full-length pyjama set in smooth, patterned fleece fabric is soft and lightweight. It consists of a long-sleeved round-necked top with a kitten design on the front, with matching pink trousers. 

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