The activity that Industrias Valls 1, S. A. considers, in agreement with the quality required, is:

Design, production, commercialization and distribution of textile garments

The Policy Statement covers as the main keys:

  1. Assuring the continuity of the company in order to keep providing the markets with trendy and quality products which satisfy the client and the consumer, and keep guiding the organization towards the involvement of the employees as a key element to reach the aims of the company.
  2. Engagement in accomplishing the demands, requirements and expectations, explicit and implicit, of our clients and the legal and regulation requirements.
  3. Exhaustive control of the quality in all the production stages.
  4. Spreading in all the levels of our structure the aims and guideline of quality.
  5. Introducing the quality indicators and carrying out a following up of the level of the progress of those indicators, in order that we can know and assure the product and the level of the quality desired by our clients.
  6. Ensuring optimal working conditions by the evaluation of the risks caused by the processes, eliminate them, if possible, and reduced those already evaluated.
  7. The development of the continuous learning programs to improve the qualification of our employees and so involving all the staff to achieve all the aims established in that document.
  8. Consolidating the continuous improving process in the performance of all the activities realized by the Company.
  9. Encouraging and achieving a motivating environment of all the members of the company.
  10. Assuring the involvement of the people, the horizontal structure in the organization oriented totally through the market.

The Management makes this policy accessible, and it is available for all the clients, employees, suppliers and the rest of the interested parties.

The Policy keeps up to date by the regular inspections coinciding with the inspections of the system realized by the management, so that this policy takes into account the changes in the environment conditions and the information received. In this sense, the Management provides and will always provide all the human, technical and economic resources in order to achieve the aims and goals established.

The Management

Josep Ignasi Reixach