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The cold of winter goes away with the thermal garments of Punto Blanco. Underwear and socks for men and women who protect us during low temperatures.

Top quality Wool and Cashmere, combined with Scandinavian designs and fashionable colours, give us great comfort garments.

The Termic® socks with the double layer system exclusive of Punto Blanco, are essential when heavy cold comes in. The two layers of the sock create an air chamber inside that isolates strongly from the cold outside. The two layers are united in heel, toe and cuff to ensure the feeling of wearing one only sock. TWO IN ONE.

The Termic® socks are manufactured in two materials: orlon with high calorific performance and cotton/wool, natural materials which combine the insulating power of wool with cotton elegance.
Short plain Thermal man sock
Termic plain woman sock
Termic knee-high woman sock
Australian 100% wool sock
Australian 100% wool rib sock
Australian 100% wool rib knee-high sock
Alaska short-sleeve t-shirt
20,35 16,28
Alaska long-sleeve t-shirt
26,40 21,12
Alaska Legging
Iceland short sleeve t-shirt
20,35 16,28
Iceland long sleeve t-shirt
21,89 17,51
Long fleece outfit, Trust
70,40 49,28
Short Kashmirian wool socks - geometric border
Kashmirian wool and lurex socks.
Short, wool socks - with small design
Short, wool socks - squares on the side
Short, wool socks - with small design
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