Travel Socks Contest Conditions



Terms and conditions:

INDUSTRIAS VALLS 1, S.A.U. with the N.I.F. A59060491, settled in Av.Balmes, 16, Igualada, Barcelona, for the new line of Travel socks media campaign, is going to carry out a raffle between all the clients who buy those socks in any official sales channel, in accordance with the conditions described below (from now on: the “raffle”).

Rules of the raffle:

1.        The registrations of the raffle of the codes provided in the labels of the Travel socks of the Punto Blanco brand, will be from 1st January 2019 until 23:59pm of the day before the Raffle (both included)

2.        To take part in the Raffle it will be necessary to fill in the code of the labels of the socks in the provided website through the QR code or following the link indicated on the labels.

3.        The event organizer (or a third person allowed by this one), will be able to use the information of the person who is taking part in the Raffle, for any advertising, marketing action in any part of the world. The participation on the Raffle involves obligatorily the approval of this clause.

4.        The terms of the present document and its interpretation will be regulated by the Spanish laws.

5.        The Raffle is carrying out by the system of the Easypromos website on 30th August 2019

6.        There will be only one winner.

7.        The award is not changeable for money or garments of our shops.

8.        The award cannot be exchanged, transferred, nor amended under no circumstance

9.        The codes presenting doubts, incomplete codes or any other incongruity, will be cancelled before de Raffle.

10.    INDUSTRIAS VALLS 1, S.A.U. is not responsible in case of any loss of the codes, any robberies or force majeure.

11.    INDUSTRIAIS VALLS 1, S.A.U. reserves the right to cancel and/or not to compute the purchases which don’t meet the spirit if this promotion or don’t meet its current rules.

12.    The participation on the Raffle means the approval of the current conditions and the privacy policy.


·                The award consists of a trip to New York (EEUU) for two persons, including the flights (return flight), transfer airport/hotel/airport and 6 nights in a hotel (only accomodation). It has to take place in October or November 2019. The flights will be exclusively from and to Barcelona or Madrid airports.

·                The persons registered objet of the Raffle, will have obligatory to be registered in the Raffle.

·                The persons, who are taking part in the Raffle, have to be over 18 years old.

·                The award will be notified by the contact information provided, the same day of the Raffle. After 30 days from the Raffle, if the award is not accepted by the winner, this one will lose the right to get the award.

·                Prior to the award ceremony, the event organizer will require:

Credentials, ID card


In case of loss or the impossibility to recognize the winner, INDUSTRIAS VALLS 1, S.A.U. will have the absolute freedom to cancel the award, declare it void or award another participant.

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